Haley Carrere

Haley Carrere

Haley Carrere has the definition of a perfect Instagram account: girly, chic, stylish and trendy. Not only do her outfits make me swoon, but the layout of her photos flow splendidly. Get to know Haley's favorite products and go-to looks below and check her out on Instagram: @haleycarrere! Xo Dylan

Dylan: What is your favorite place in the world?

Haley: Saint Barth's and California

D: Favorite cities?

H: London, NYC and France

D: Favorite restaurant(s) at the moment?

H: Tre Lune and Le Super Rica, which are both in Santa Barbara. And Flora Farms in Cabo.

D: Who are you style icons?

H: Grace Kelly, Rosie Hunting-Whitley and Tash Oakley.

D: Go-to makeup look?

H: Bronzed, glowy and natural.

D: Go-to skincare or current skincare routine?

H: A charcoal face mask once a week or egg white masks are amazing! Daily, I use Neutrogena grapefruit cleanser, toner and coconut oil.

D: What is your go-to outfit?

H: A dress with sneakers and a cute jacket.

D: Beach or skiing?

H: Beach.

D: A fancy restaurant or picnic?

H: Picnic.

D: What is your favorite article of clothing and why?

H: A white t-shirt because it can easily be dressed up or down and goes with everything.

D: What are your goals in the next year?

H: I'm graduating high school this June and I am taking a gap year so my goals are to live my year to the fullest with my best friend in Europe, and be open to new opportunities!

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